What Happens When You Tear 6th Graders Away From Their Gadgets For 5 Days

Want to know what happens when you take a group of 6th graders outdoors for 5 days without their gadgets? According to this article, researchers found that increased screen time could be having a detrimental effect on our children and their ability to read emotions. Two groups participated in this study. One group spent 5 days outdoors without electronics, while the other group maintained their original schedules.  Students who spent 5 days outdoors showed higher scores on emotional intelligence tests than their counterparts.

Someday I may have time to write my own blog posts. Until then, allow me to share this post I found today.

What Happens When You Tear 6th Graders Away From Their Gadgets for 5 Days 

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Coutesy of http://www.pics4world.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1200


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