CPStudy Smart

 Be sure your child is prepared for the rigors of intermediate and middle school.

 Enroll your child in a Compass Points Study Smart course and ensure that your child has all the tools necessary for success.

 CP Study Smart course will teach your child valuable life and study skills including prioritizing, setting goals, time management, organization, how to take notes, how to study, how to take tests and more!

  • CPStudy Smart Class Summary

    Day 1:

    • Types of Intelligences- What kind of smart are you and why is this important?
    • Recognizing strengths and weaknesses from a learning perspective
    • Determining priorities and sSetting goals

    Day 2:

    • Time Management
    • Reasons to use a planner
    • Implementing planners throughout the school day
    • Creating schedules and avoiding time bandits

    Day 3:

    • Organization Overhaul
      • Binders
      • Organizing your room, locker, study space, backpack
      • Home filing systems for students
      • Maximizing time
    • How the brain works- short-term and long-term memory
    • The importance of asking questions
    • The S.L.A.N.T. method of listening

    Day 4:

    • Priming the brain
    • Reading textbooks- best strategies
    • Note-taking strategies to use while reading
    • Taking notes from a lecture
    • Recognizing main ideas and important facts during a lecture
    • How to study notes
    • Test Anxiety
    • How to study for a test
    • Test taking strategies
  • Summer Schedule


    CPStudy Smart


    August 2- 5: Morning Session



    Aug 2- 5: Afternoon Session

    12:30PM- 3:30PM


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