CPStudy Smart Program

  • Our CPStudy Smart course is for any student, not just students who are struggling. This course is designed to teach lifelong skills such as prioritizing, setting goals, and time management as well as specific study skills for students in grades 5-8. The skills learned will help them transition from elementary to middle school, and will provide the necessary knowledge to handle college-level work and job skills. Our course covers how to take notes, study, take tests, set goals, manage time and more. Compass Points Smart Skills addresses specific skills to help your child be successful through college and beyond.

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  • Compass Points Study Smart Program

    We will teach your child to:

    • Recognize their strengths
    • Set goals
    • Organize papers and space
    • Manage their time
    • Ask questions
    • Take notes
    • Study for tests
    • Test taking skills

    Students will learn to practice daily routines that will help them retain information in their notes and keep them organized.

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    What Parents are saying about the Compass Points Study Smart Course:

    “Thank you for offering “meaty” programs that give students hands on experience with life, learning, caring adults and each other. We look forward to more!”

    “My daughter got a lot out of Compass Points, especially in teaching her how to organize herself and her study style. Excellent camp!”

    “We were thrilled that our daughter was introduced to so many important study skills before she started a new school this fall!”

    “When my son left class each day, he was ready to tell me what he learned that day. He has already mentioned that he wants to be sure to plan out his weeks on Sunday nights- a great idea he learned in your class! I’m glad he took the class and I do think it will be beneficial to him during the school year.”

    “Loved this program! Thanks so much!”

    What Students are saying about the Compass Points Study Smart Course:

    “This summer I was in this Compass Points Smart Skills class. I was pretty much going to polish my study skills and see a few different tricks. Before I went toStudents hard at work the class, I had an open mind though, not really knowing what to expect. When I came out of the class, I was blown away by everything I had learned and how much I knew it would help me throughout the rest of my life and life itself! I really think that this class helps a lot, and I learned more than I ever thought I would! I really liked it and would recommend it for any student, because everyone can improve if they try.”

    “This camp taught me everything it said it would and more. I was engaged in the class and felt that the teachers were working as hard as they could to make sure that we were at full learning potential.”

    “I loved it. I learned a lot and feel ready for next year. I am now much more confident for next year.”

    “It was helpful to me and I think other people should do it!”

    CPStudySmart Summer Session Information

      • Monday through Thursday during the following weeks:

        August 2-5

        Morning Session- 8:30M- 11:30AM

        Afternoon Session- 12:30PM- 3:30PM

        Cost: $280

        King Of Glory Lutheran Church
        6411 LBJ Freeway
        Dallas, TX 75240

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